Upgrade Guide

If you are upgrading from HyprMX 5.x SDK to HyprMX 5.4.3 SDK, follow the instructions below.

For CocoaPod Integrations - Update Podfile

To Install the latest HyprMX SDK with CocoaPods, update the HyprMX dependency in your Podfile to:

pod 'HyprMX', '5.4.5'

Note: HyprMX 5.4.0+ supports Cocoapods 1.10+

Manual Installation

Add New HyprMX.xcframework to your Xcode project

  • Remove HyprMX.framework in the project navigation bar on the left side of the screen.

  • Drag and drop the HyprMX.xcframework (available in the SDK zip) into your Xcode project, making sure that the files are copied and verify target membership.

  • Select your Project File and the Target. In the "General" tab, drag the HyprMX.xcframework from the File Explorer into the "Frameworks, Libraries, and Embedded Content" section.

  • Set the Embed setting to "Embed & Sign".

iOS 14 Plist Updates

iOS 14 introduced the AppTrackingTransparency framework to allow users control over the use of their Advertising Identifier.

HyprMX SDK 5.4.0+ requires the NSUserTrackingUsageDescription Plist Key to determine the authorization state.

<string>${PRODUCT_NAME} would like to show you personalized ads</string>

HyprMX SDK 5.4.0+ supports Apple's new SKAdNetwork for attribution. To add the HyprMX SKAdNetwork ID to your info.plist:


Note: SKAdNetwork Id's are case sensitive. For more information about SKAdNetwork please refer to Apple's documentation.

New ShowAdFromViewController API:

The 5.4.0 SDK introduced a showAdFromViewController: API. You can use this API to provide the the UIViewController that the Ad should present from.

The showAd API is deprecated but still available - it will be removed in a future release.

If you do not wish to provide a View Controller, pass nil to showAdFromViewController:. Providing a UIViewController instance is recommended if your App supports Multi-Window.

[placement showAdFromViewController:self];
placement.showAd(from: self)

Please review our required Application Transport Security Settings and Privacy Control Keys defined here.

That's it! You're up and running with the latest version of the HyprMX SDK.