Interstitial Ads

This guide shows how to display Interstitial Ads in your application.

What are Interstitial Ads?

Interstitial Ad Units are full-screen, interactive ads designed to be placed between content at a natural transition point.

How to Display Interstitial Ads

Integrate & Initialize HyprMX

Before you start, make sure you have correctly integrated and initialized the HyprMX SDK. To integrate and initialize HyprMX, see our Setup Guide.

Loading Interstitial Ads

HyprMX utilizes placements to load and display an ad. Placements are used to represent a point in your application's workflow where you'd like to show an ad. To load an ad to a placement, follow the steps below.

If you don't have your placement information, please reach out to your account manager to configure your interstitial placements. In return, they will provide the names of the new placements.

1. Use the getPlacement API to retrieve a placement from HyprMX.

let interstitialPlacement = HyprMX.getPlacement("INTERSTITIAL")

2. To check for availability, run the following.

if await interstitialPlacement.loadAd() {
    print("Ad Available")

3. To receive notification that the loaded ad has expired, implement the placement HyprMXPlacementExpiredDelegate

/** Called when ad loaded is no longer available for this placement */
func adExpired(placement: HyprMXPlacement) {

Set the delegate to you placement:

placement.expiredDelegate = myPlacementExpiredDelegateInstance

HyprMX holds a weak reference to the placement expired delegate, so you must be sure to retain the delegate.

Displaying Rewarded Ads

1. Before calling showAdFromViewController: on a placement you should confirm the ad state is still valid by running the following.


Once an ad network has an available video, you will be ready to show the video to your users.

2. You can supply your current UIViewController when calling showAdFromViewController:delegate: for HyprMX to present from, or pass nil and HyprMX will present from the keyWindow. If your App supports multi-window, it is recommended to always provide a View Controller to present from.

if interstitialPlacement.isAdAvailable {
  interstitialPlacement.showAd(from: self, delegate: self)

showAdFromViewController:delegate: will begin the presentation of an ad.

3. For the best user experience, implement a delegate.

Before you display the ad, make sure to pause any game action, including audio, to ensure the best experience for your users. You can disable them when you get the adWillStartForPlacement:/adWillStart(placement:) callback and re-enable when you get adDidCloseForPlacement:/adDidClose(placement:).

/** Called immediately before attempting to present an ad. */
func adWillStart(placement: HyprMXPlacement) {

/** Called upon conclusion of any ad presentation attempt */
func adDidClose(placement: HyprMXPlacement, didFinishAd finished: Bool) {

/** Called when user has earned a reward. */
func adDidReward(placement: HyprMXPlacement, rewardName: String?, rewardValue: Int) {

/** Called when an error occurs during ad presentation. */
func adDisplayError(_ error: Error, placement: HyprMXPlacement) {

/** Called when an ad has become visible on screen */
func adImpression(placement: HyprMXPlacement) {

If you'd like, we can send server-to-server calls when ads are completed. Contact your account manager at HyprMX for more details.

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