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First, follow the instructions for configuring Vungle on the hyprMediate dashboard here.

Adapter Integration

With your waterfall configured, all you need to do now is add the Vungle adapter and SDK.

Drag the HyprMediate-Vungle directory from the Vungle SDK download into your project. Select "copy items if needed" and "create groups" when prompted.


Visit your project's Build Phases and open Link Binary with Libraries. 

Click the + button to add to this list, and select:

  • libz.tbd
  • libsqlite3.tbd

App Transport Security

Currently Vungle does not support Apple's App Transport Security settings. If you're submitting your app with Vungle, you'll need to disable ATS. Beginning January 1st, 2017, Vungle will require a special exemption from Apple to work properly in your app. If you are submitting before January 1st, you will not need to justify the exemption. Please reach out directly to Vungle for further details about their planned ATS support timeline.

To disable ATS, remove all keys in the NSAppTransportSecurity settings in your Info.plist and add NSAllowsArbitraryLoads, set to true. The NSAppTransportSecurity section of your plist should look like this:



Your info.plist should look like this after making these changes:

That’s it! Vungle has now been integrated.

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