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First, follow the instructions for configuring AdColony on the hyprMediate dashboard here

Adapter Integration

With your waterfall configured, all you need to do now is add the AdColony adapter and SDK.

Drag the HyprMediate-AdColony directory from the AdColony SDK download into your project. Select "copy items if needed" and "create groups" when prompted.


Visit your project's Build Phases and open Link Binary with Libraries. 

Click the + button to add to this list, and select:

  • libz.1.2.5.tbd

Apple has extended the scope of its privacy controls in iOS 10 by requiring advertisers to declare the potential use of a user’s camera, calendar, photo library, etc. in the plist. Add the following entries to your app's Info.plist (if not already present) to ensure the best possible user experience when the AdColony SDK uses these features.

	<string>Taking Pictures</string>
	<string>Interactive ad controls</string>

Your Info.plist would look like this after adding these entries:

In iOS 9 and above, AdColony also requires these permissions to enable deep linking:


Your Info.plist would look like this after adding these entries:

AdColony requires your app to support all orientations globally to allow ads to be shown in any orientation. This doesn't require your app's interface to support all orientations, however it does require you to override the global settings in the UIViewController from which ads are played to support all device orientations.

Your Info.plist would look like this:

It is recommended that you don't use AdColony's pre and post V4VC popups to display the reward amount because your reward information is now configured in the HyprMediate dashboard.

That’s it! AdColony has now been integrated.

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