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HyprMediate iOS SDK support matrix:

VersionSupported iOS VersionsSupported XCode VersionsSupported Features

Supported ArchitecturesFiles


Compiles on 7.0 or higherXcode 9 and higherYesYesYesarmv7, arm64, armv7s

Download here


To download the files necessary to integrate other ad providers, follow the links below:

Ad ProviderVersion We SupportSupported Features

Supported ArchitecturesInstallation Guide

Provider SDK and Adapters



YesYesYesarmv7, arm64, armv7sAdding AdColony

Download here

AppLovin4.6.1YesYesYesarmv7, arm64Adding AppLovin

Download here

Chartboost7.0.4YesYesYesarmv7, arm64, armv7sAdding ChartboostDownload here
Unity Ads2.1.2YesYesYesarmv7, arm64, armv7sAdding Unity AdsDownload here
Vungle4.0.9YesYesYesarmv7, arm64, armv7sAdding Vungle

Download here

Each SDK includes a license that is either bundled with the SDK download or available on the SDK provider's website. For example, by downloading the Chartboost SDK, you agree to these terms. We recommend that you follow privacy best practices, including posting your privacy policy in your app store listing and in the app itself.

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