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Configuring Unity Ads

To configure Unity Ads, you will need your "GAME ID" from the Unity Ads dashboard.

If you are creating a new app, follow the instructions on the Unity Ads' dashboard. We recommend setting up a "rewarded video" placement, rather than a "skippable video" placement so that users get a reward every time they watch a video. 

Otherwise, go to Click on your project and you will see the "GAME ID" listed in the "Platforms" table.


Copy this value into the "*Game ID" field of the "Configure Unity Ads" modal in the HyprMediate dashboard.

Enabling Reporting

To enable automatic eCPM updates, enter the "API Key" from the Unity Ads dashboard into the "Reporting API Key" field of the "Configure Unity Ads" dialog.

Go to Click on and you will see the "API Key".

Copy this value into the "API Key" field of the "Configure Unity Ads" modal in the HyprMediate dashboard. Toggle the "Reporting" switch to the "on" position and save your changes.

Enabling Server to Server Callbacks (optional)

We recommend enabling server to server callbacks for additional security. To enable server to server callbacks for Unity Ads, please see our documentation on Unity Ads Server to Server Callbacks Setup.

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